The SPDR ETF replaced my original position of Vanguard Emerging Markets (VEMIX). Same investment thesis, better investment vehicle.

Asset Class: International Stocks (Emerging Markets)

Original Investment Thesis (1/2019):  I made this investment at the same time I purchased VTPSX for all the same reasons.  The reason I decided to go half emerging markets (which is an overweight position in relation to the International Developed VTPSX) is that I think they will do better over time.  Meaning I think these economies will grow faster than the developed economies over time (and I’ll make more money over time).  The other thing about many of these places is they don’t even have to do anything amazing for it to happen.  They can just replicate what has happened in more developed economies that have worked and not replicate the things that have not worked.  Sometimes even skipping entire technologies for more advanced/better technologies.  Not having a legacy in place gives some of these economies a great advantage over other economies that already have existing infrastructure in place.  I like emerging markets. This will be a long term holding.  I hold this in an account where my investment options are not really too desirable otherwise. There is not much to think about with an investment like this.  Just hold it, and buy more of it, often.  That is the plan.

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