The SPDR ETF replaced my original position of Vanguard Total International (VTPSX). Same investment thesis, better investment vehicle.

Asset Class: International Stocks (Developed ex-US)

Original Investment Thesis (1/2019):  This is less about a particular call that international equities are a buy right now than it is the best investment option I have in a particular account (as I’ve only got a few options in this particular account).  I reviewed them all and did indeed decide I wanted this money to be in international equities (as opposed to US equities).  I had decided a month ago that this would be what I’d do with this money.  Of course, I missed the December lows (because I was busy with holidays, getting money moved around, and life in general) and now everything has rallied back to where they were prior to that bargain/sale.  So, I bought in right after a near 11% rally from the bottom?!?!  That folks is my life in a nutshell.  Watch what happens now…the bottom falls out of this rally and the world falls into a stock apocalypse!  HA!  This money is tucked away in a tax-advantaged account so I don’t plan to touch it for a very long time so I’ll survive what will surely be a poorly timed entry!  That said the reason I didn’t really hesitate too much with going ahead and getting this money invested.  International equities are still trailing US equities hugely recently and they’ve been basically trading sideways for several years.  I’ll invest at good valuations (and tax-free) and collect very decent dividend yields (and reinvest) and be glad I did many years from now.  You can’t overthink these things…like I just did! Ha! This will be a long term holding.  There is not much to think about with an investment like this.  Just hold it, and buy more of it, often.  That is the plan.

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