Each year I select my favorite movie of the year. The full list is here:


Deano’s Best Movie of 2020

1917 – I’m a sucker for a war movie. I’m REALLY a sucker for a very well-done war movie. 1917 delivered both. This movie follows events of World War 1 (based on actual events). I’ve seen fewer WW1 war movies than from other wars. This one is one of the best of them all, however. This film was pretty amazing in terms of cinematography and visuals. The camera follows the characters mostly uncut throughout the entire film. There is only one time the scene cuts in the entire film (to cut from day to night). I thought this was fascinating and couldn’t imagine how they pulled it off at times. Aside from that the film had a great story and was very entertaining. Very well done film! No question, best movie of 2020. Not even close!

Honorable Mentions

Hillbilly Elegy – I’m also a sucker for a true story where an underdog rises up and wins in life. This movie didn’t fare well with the critics but audiences liked it much more. That also bodes well for me. I’m finding more and more that movie critics suck. If they don’t agree with the story they dish the film (they let their politics guide their review…ain’t nobody got time for that). I guess in this case they didn’t like the story of a poor kid rising up in life. Regardless, very decent movie and a very inspiring story.

The Outpost – Another war film that is based on true events. This one takes place during the Afghanistan war. It is about troops stationed at a base that is largely regarded as a deathtrap. They are attacked and completely outnumbered (54 to around 300) but somehow ‘win’ the day. The film was commended by veterans in the way it handles the battles scenes and soldier behavior.

Midway – I had low expectations for this movie for a variety of reasons but I wound up enjoying it very much. It was CGI heavy (which I can usually do without) but the divebombing scenes in the battle of Midway made me not mind that at all. As I was watching it I realized I didn’t know this story (of how we destroyed 4 aircraft carriers in a single day of battle) at all. I realized I’d never seen the original Midway (from 1976). It is on its way now!

Emma – My girls (daughters and wife) made me watch this. I was not enthusiastic but did my fatherly/husbandly duty. I wound up enjoying it very much. The movie was very well done. I don’t care too much for the material/characters/story (elite, high-society, people living their elite lives) but the movie was well done. So, I must give credit where it is due.

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