Favorite Fiction

  • Ready Player One – Great story AND it is a constant flashback to my younger years.
  • The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe – I absolutely loved this book (and the rest of the series) as a kid.  I’ve read this book several times over the years.
  • 1984 – I always found this book alarming and think of it often even now.
  • Animal Farm – This is the companion book for 1984 that I read many years after reading 1984.  It is a very interesting depiction of all the different “roles” that we play on the “farm”.  I think this book shows the different ways different people approach life.  I am the Mule by the way!
  • Atlas Shrugged – This is one doozy of a book.  It is long, the longest book I ever read.  A lot of people don’t like it but I think it is excellent and not just because I’m a Libertarian.  It makes a ton of sense to me on many fronts.  I think the book does a good job of showing the different ways different people approach problems/life…in detail.
  • The Firm – When this came out I couldn’t put it down.  It was the first book that was ever like that for me.  I read it morning, noon and night until I was done with it.  Great story.
  • Charlotte’s Web – I probably read this book 10 times in my childhood.  I really liked this story.
  • Flowers In The Attic – I don’t know why I read this book but I did and it was so creepy/weird.  I liked it but it is dark.
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