My BHAG: To ride all the epic rides!

Current Status: I do most of my rolling (in less than epic fashion) around Percy/Edwin Warner Parks and the Nashville Greenway System these days. Been doing less biking lately and more walking/hiking. Next up is his/her bikes so Emily and I can hit the roads and explore!

Deano’s Most Bumpin’ Bike Rides

I’ve ridden a little over 7,250 miles since 2011…my favorite rides?  Force ranked?  OK!

If you want to follow along and keep track of my rides (and vice versa) let’s link up on Strava (  If it ain’t on Strava it didn’t happen!  Better yet if you want to go for a ride together let me know and I’ll try to keep up with you!

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Henry Horton State Park – Kayaking the Duck River (AKA The Dirty Duck) – Chapel Hill, TN

We visited Henry Horton State Park, near Chapel Hill, TN. Our main goal was to kayak on the Duck River (which runs right through the state park). We soon learned the locals call it the Dirty Duck…even though it isn’t dirty at all?!? Weird?!?. We also explored the Tennessee humidity on bikes (as well as …

Breckenridge, Colorado – Summer Fun (Ziplining and Mountain Biking)

We visited Breckenridge, Colorado for a few days back in the Summer of 2018. The boys and the girls ziplined on a stunning course. The boys did some mountain biking. This was the easy kind of biking. It was all downhill without all the annoying sweating and panting involved in pedaling up the mountain. Pops …

Biking Update (2019)

When I was a kid my absolute favorite thing to do was ride my bike.  I started off with a Huffy with a banana seat.  Next up was a BMX dirt bike.  We set up ramps of extremely perilous nature in the neighborhood and tested the limits of the earth’s gravitational pull.  Ramps at the …

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