My BHAG: To play all the good video games!

Current Status: Stuck on Clash of Clans (Libertarian War clan leader) and Call of Duty. Check out our Clan Videos @

DeanoRolls Best Games To Be Bad At (A Chronological Timeline Of Sucking At Gaming)

I love gaming. I’m horrible at them. I STILL love gaming. My journey.

Deano’s Top Games Ever

Only a few games have held my attention for long periods.

I’m obviously a PlayStation console user.  My PlayStation gamertag is DeanoROLLS.  If you are a PlayStation console user as well and want to play games with a pretty bad player (but with a good attitude and tries hard) I’m your guy!  Let’s Party!  I don’t really know how the party stuff works but I do have a headset now, so I’ll try to figure it out.  If you want to be in an awesome Clash Of Clans clan join us at Libertarian War (just look for the clan with 600+ war wins).

Game On!

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Games Update (2019)

I was (am) a NERD!  In high school Susie was busy getting voted to homecoming courts, going to parties, and joining social fraternities.  I had no time for all that?!?  I was busy in the jazz band, show choir, select chorus, Robertson County Players, marching band (trombone), student council (Class Treasurer), and paper staff.  Sure, …

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