My BHAG: To find all the good music…and see a bunch of it live!

Current Status: Contemplating what my next live show is going to be. Now that COVID is allowing things to open back up I need to get out again.

Deano’s Musical Masterworks – Favorite Artists

I like all kinds of music but these are my favorite artists of all time!

Deano’s Musical Masterworks -Favorite Concerts

I prefer concerts to most other live events.  Some are better than you expect, and others let you down compared to what you expected (although this is rarer).  This is a rough list (probably not complete) of my favorite live performances of all time.

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Beatle’s Top Ten Songs From People Who Know Stuff

A group of my friends decided we’d do the impossible. We’d try to pick the Top 10 Beatles songs of all time. TL;DR: “Helter Skelter” is the top song of all time. The Beatles are my favorite musical enterprise ever. I wrote about them here: My Beatles playlist is 5 hours and 32 minutes …

Favorite Concert of 2019

DEADMAU5 – CUBE V3 Tour This is my favorite concert of my entire life. The light show/stage setup was phenomenal. We had great seats to be able to relax for the very long show. Deadmau5 is known for his ‘cubes’ and this 3rd version was his biggest ever. It was spectacular. I made a video …

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