My BHAG: To find all the good music…and see a bunch of it live!

Current Status: Went to see Deadmau5 in September 2019 in Austin, TX with Emily! It was the best concert I’ve ever seen (see some clips here). Just saw Post Malone in March 2020 in Nashville with Emily (her concert). Going to see Kraftwerk in 3D at the Ryman Auditorium (again) in July 2020 (unless it gets cancelled due to COVID-19).

Deano’s Musical Masterworks – Favorite Artists

I like all kinds of music but these are my favorites artists of all time!

Deano’s Musical Masterworks -Favorite Concerts

I prefer concerts to most other live events.  Some are better than you expect, and others let you down compared to what you expected (although this is rarer).  This is a rough list (probably not complete) of my favorite live performances of all time.

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