My BHAG: To learn how to regenerative farm!

Current Status: We bought an 11-acre property and we are going to learn how to regenerative farm on it!

Farm Related Posts

Farm Safety – Ticks, Poison Ivy, Tractor Tip Overs, Snakes, Spiders, Chainsaws (DeanoFarms: Week 5)

I was proactive on ticks (and my efforts have paid off). I wasn’t on poison ivy (and that stuff made me pay). As I was itching I wondered what other lessons might the farm try to teach me that I haven’t fully assessed. Spiders, snakes, tractor tip over, chain saw accident?!? Hmmm…what else?!?! Deano doesn’t …

I Got Poison Ivy (DeanoFarms: Week 4)

Well, that was fun?!? I’ve never had poison ivy in my life. It hasn’t been from a lack of trying. I honestly believed I wasn’t allergic to it. One of the first lessons the farm taught me is I AM allergic to it. [scratch, itch, scratch] #DeanoFarms

Our Farm Is Flooding – Water Management Needs (DeanoFarms Week 2)

Fine, I’m being dramatic (clickbait). It was really only raining. But I was excited to walk around the building to see where my water problems were located. I was able to confirm we do have water problems. Then the hot water heater started leaking and really flooded things (the building, not the farm). So, maybe …

Removing Thorn Bushes (AKA Blackberry or Brier/Briar Bushes) Without Chemicals

One of the first projects on our farm to-do list was to clear an area of pasture that has been overtaken by blackberry bushes. Whatever you call them (thorn, briar, brier) we don’t need them. The thorn bushes have grown into a row of hay bales (and subsequently grown into the surrounding pasture). For a …

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