My BHAG: Own all the cool vehicles!

Current Status: I just finished restoring a 1938 Model A John Deere on steel wheels that my belated grandfather, Pipa, gave me when I was a teenager. Watch my restoration video HERE. Next up is getting up to speed on the RV life!

I have owned some fun vehicles in my day, and I have owned some real clunkers too.  Here’s all my whips:

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Recapping Our First Year RV’ing – Reviewing our RAM 1500, Heartland Mallard, & cameras (+ Upgrades)

We finished up our first year of RV’ing last year. We just cranked up our second season. We learned a lot in our first year as new RV’ers. So far we are happy with all the decisions we made in our equipment choices. Our RAM 1500 Bighorn, Heartland Mallard trailer, and camera equipment have worked …

Houses Are Vehicles Too?!?

I’ve listed all my vehicles on my site. Houses?!? Vehicles?!? Sure, you sit in them.  Right?!?  We at least trade them like vehicles in our family.  With a growing family quickly outgrowing and wearing out cars we didn’t just trade cars a lot we also moved a lot. Chronologically: Apartment – The Lakes Of Bellevue, …

Best Job I Ever Had?

Glad you asked: VALET!  I did this while in college and I got to drive some very cool cars during my time there.  If you’ve ever seen the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when the valet takes the Dad’s ’61 Ferrari 250 GT for a joy ride and he said to Ferris, “Relax. You guys …

Vehicles Update (2019)

I’m a redneck.  I’m a poor boy from Springfield TN.  If it has a piston in it, I am hopelessly addicted to it.  Cars, motorcycles, boats, tractors, mowers…you name it…I find them fascinating.  I’m also cheap, so I almost always try to buy the cheapest version of these things I can find (which sometimes works …

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