Our little Ford Bronco was called into action. After 54 years of trying it finally made it to Nashville and into a country music gig. The country music duo Southerland is releasing a song called “Down The Road”. They used our Bronco in their video. I’m not really a fan of modern country music but this song is awesome. I got to hang out at the shoot and watch them make the video. It was all very interesting. I can’t wait to see it when it comes out. The single releases on July 22nd.

UPDATE 7/22/22

The Southerland band’s website now uses a picture from the video shoot (and our Bronco). I think it looks great.

UPDATE 8/2/22

The song is released (Southerland – “Down The Road”). The video will release soon but the band released a “Behind The Scenes” video with how it was made. I even made an appearance in it! So, I’m basically a country music star now (even though I can play no instrument or carry no tune).

UPDATE 8/7/2022

The Southerland “Down The Road” video was released this week. Our ’68 Ford Bronco half cab gets a lot of airtime in it. What a fun project to get to be involved with.

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