My BHAG: To earn all the money!

Current Status: Working with a great team and doing work I love at Bluebird Homecare (another company I helped start!).

Job Related Posts

Best Job I Ever Had?

Glad you asked: VALET!  I did this while in college and I got to drive some very cool cars during my time there.  If you’ve ever seen the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when the valet takes the Dad’s ’61 Ferrari 250 GT for a joy ride and he said to Ferris, “Relax. You guys …

Career Epic Fails (So Far…)!

I recently wrote an blog post about my career progression. I’ve done ok! [This concludes our previous broadcast] So that covers my LinkedIn page (  Those are the jobs and careers that I talk about (people only talk about their successes…right?!?).  But remember when I said I was side-gigging since those high school car washing …

Career Update (2019)

Until recently, I’ve been the primary breadwinner in our family while Emily has been at home taking care of the four kids.  By the way…I’ll take what I was getting to do any day of the week over what she got to do!  Teamwork makes the dream work.  I’ve always taken my job/career very seriously.  …

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