My BHAG: To fight off death (by being strong and harder to kill)!

Current Status: Lifting weights again (using the Starting Strength program). I think it is a great program and it has help me feel better than I’ve felt in years. Also walking/hiking…tons of that with Emily. Biking less these days (which makes me sad)!


If you want to follow along and give me crap if I take a few days off in a row let’s link up on Strava (  If it ain’t on Strava it didn’t happen!

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Fitness Update (2019)

It is no secret looking at my Dad bod that fitness has never really been a strong point for me.  I am 1) short, 2) weak, 3) unathletic, 4) uncoordinated, and 5) generally a mess in the genetically gifted department.  On top of having all this going for me (?!?) add in the fact that …

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