I have ridden so many miles on the Harpeth River Greenway.  It is #7 on my favorite Nashville park list but it isn’t really a park at all; it’s a greenway.  It is an awesome one too.  It runs along the Harpeth River from Edwin Warner Park out to Bellevue.  I ride my bike on it a ton.  I think it is way better than riding on the streets with those big, heavy, killing machines all around.  For me, this greenway is a means to an end…it gets me to Edwin Warner and Percy Warner.  I chose where we live right now (in Bellevue) to be able to have easy access to this greenway (and subsequently the parks I love).  The entrance to it is right down the street from where I live and I can get to it very easily and pretty safely.  After that…ride, fat boy, ride!

I made a little video about the Harpeth River Greenway.  Subscribe to my YouTube channel for future updates.

#park #Nashville


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