My favorite podcast.  Rip knows more about more things at a deep level than anyone I’ve ever listened to. Disregard his gruff demeanor and foul language and politics (although I like all that too).  He is a genius (with 45 years of experience) when it comes to strength training. If you listen to him your life will be better for it.

I pulled this list for my boys (who are doing their NLP right now using Starting Strength).  These four episodes give you input on how the program works and why it is better than any other program out there.  If you are too busy to read the book it is worth listening to these four episodes. Rip explains it all. These four topics are the most important topics they cover (repeatedly).  There are also articles on their website about each one (that Rip references constantly).  But these podcasts let him explain it all in detail.  I’ve heard all these topics hundreds of times but these are the foundations of the program in a few episodes.  If you are doing the program you should invest the time to listen to these (and also read the blue and gray books).

If you are not doing the program you should listen to these to find out why.  Don’t believe me and don’t want to listen to four episodes?  Listen to the bonus episode Physical Strength Is The Most Important Thing In Your Life and tell me it isn’t 100% accurate.  Need more convincing read the book The Barbell Prescription and refute any of it? If you get convinced you’ll train for strength from today until the day you croak. It took me until my late 40s (and listening to hundreds of episodes of this podcast) to figure this out. I wish it had not. I offer you this short list so that you can learn it quickly and get chopping!



PS – Also, buy Bitcoin!

PPS – Also, stop eating seed oils!

The Novice Effect – What happens when a previously untrained person trains (not lifts weights or exercises…but TRAINS…for strength)

The Two Factor Model – Training strength versus exercise or practicing AKA why being strong makes everything you do (whatever it is) better.

A Clarification – Follow the program. If you are modifying it you won’t make progress as fast and are wasting time/energy.

The First 3 Questions – What causes most people to stall during their NLP


How To Do The NLP – Nick D is the coach of coaches and they discuss how to do the NLP

Physical Strength Is The Most Important Thing In Your Life – I wish I’d known this a few decades ago

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