So, you want to go camping in an RV. Great, we did too! We’ve been doing it for three years as weekend warriors in our RV travel trailer. We’ve made 19 trips and towed our travel trailer 6,500 miles to 34 TN State Parks, and 2 National Parks. I’ve made 116 videos along the way.

With RV’ing, there is a lot to think about (and you won’t think about a lot of it at first). I’ll cover 13 things we’ve learned in this video that you might find helpful if you are an RV newbie (and maybe even if you are not). Things like:

1. Planning Trips…Duh! How To Plan For Places You’ve Never Been

2. Tools We Use To Plan Our RV Trips

3. What Kind Of Setup Will Work For Your Style Of RV’ing

4. Wrecks / Equipment Failure’s Impact On Travel

5. Taking Your “Toys” With You While RV’ing

6. Getting / Staying Organized (With Containers and Checklist) While On The Road

7. What If The Person Going With You Doesn’t Want To Do What You Want To Do?

8. Storing Your RV When Not Travelling

9. Home Base (Your House Back Home)

10. Travelling With A Pet

11. Documenting Your Journey Along The Way

12. Will You Do Year-Round Camping

13. You Might Even Become Famous

If you’d like to see other videos that people have seemed to find helpful:

Season 1 – 2020

Playlist – We

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Trip In The Heartland Mallard Travel Trailer (From Preparation Through Completion)

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Season 2 – 2021

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Season 3 – 2022

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2 Year Update – Camping In Our RV Travel Trailer + Our Longest Trip Yet (2000+ Miles)

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