Collecting Experiences! We’ve been doing travel trailer camping as weekend warriors for the past 2 years. Since our first RV trip in early 2020 we’ve taken 13 RV trips. As we ended 2021 we were about to set off on our longest trip yet to date (2,000+ Miles). RV camping (with a truck and travel trailer) works perfectly for the type of traveling we do. In this video, I talk about our journey and review how our equipment choices (1/2 ton truck and travel trailer) have worked out for us over the past 2 years. More to come in 2022! Subscribe to see where DeanoRolls!

Other helpful videos:

Our First RV Trip In The Heartland Mallard Travel Trailer (From Preparation Through Completion) – I put this video together to review how we prepared to hit the road in our RV travel trailer (and whether it was successful). Many people have watched it and found it helpful to get set up to hit the road. I was a newbie and didn’t want to mess anything up. It is fun for me to go back and see how far we’ve come.

Recapping Our First Year RV’ing – Reviewing our RAM 1500, Heartland Mallard, & cameras (+ Upgrades) – This was our update after our first year. Our first year was a success and we accomplished what we setup to do. We did several upgrades to our equipment to prepare for the past year. Those have worked out well for us.

We Bought Our First RV! Heartland Mallard and Dodge RAM 1500 Big Horn Initial Review – I made this video right after we bought our RV travel trailer and our 1/2 ton pickup truck. There were many options available and tradeoffs abound. Ultimately you have to decide to put your money down on something and hope it works out over time. It felt like a big decision.

Why I Think The RV Life Is For Me! – I made this video while we were in the shopping process. It highlights some of the things that helped us make our decision about what to buy.

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