After doing a good deal of research on my own I decided to get more help.  Back in January I put out a call for help from friends and family to learn as much as I could about the RV lifestyle. I had some great responses that were super helpful.  I took what I learned and continued to do more research.

The responses got me so energized that we decided to get moving (and accelerate our plan a bit).  I have another project that is moving along as well that accelerated my need for a truck.  My 1938 Model A John Deere went to the paint shop earlier this year.  Once it comes out, I’ll need to be able to move it around.  I began researching what I’d need for that.  I paired this research alongside what we might eventually need to pull the RV trailer that we will want.  I was also tired of not having a truck when I needed it (which was surprisingly often).

A few months later and we have the truck and the RV trailer that we believe will work well for us for some time to come.  I talk about everything in detail in the video, so I won’t repeat it all here.  I cover what we purchased (Dodge RAM 150 Big Horn and Heartland Mallard M210RB), where we purchased (truck @ Franklin Dodge and trailer @ Camping World) and how that went, the initial trip home, and initial impressions of the truck and trailer based on the initial voyage.  I also talk about how the Coronavirus and Depression 2.0 were brought to you all probably by my decisions to purchase an RV!  SORRY!

For the non-readers head over to my YouTube channel “DeanoRolls” (subscribe while you are there).  I’ll be posting videos of places we travel there if you are interested.

I’ve added my checklist for setting up and tearing down as well as what is in my bins (in case you might find it helpful).


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