We’ve spent many Spring Breaks in Vero Beach over 14 years.  See what makes this our #4 Florida city (out of the 14 we’ve spent time in)! Video is rated PG-13 (at least)?!?!

We braved the Coronavirus this year and went to Vero Beach, Florida for our Spring Break.  We’ve spent Spring Break (and other times of the year) in Vero Beach for around 14 years.  See what makes this our #4 Florida city (out of the 14 we’ve spent time in)!

Florida is one of our favorite states.  I always think that I’d never want to live in Florida.  I’m not a huge beach person.  Florida, in general, is too flat, and hot, and crowded for me to live there (plus hurricanes).  But when I think of all the different cities, I’ve visited in that state I’m reminded of how interesting it is.  It is a great place to visit.  We’ve probably spent more time in Florida than any other state.

Cities we’ve visited in Florida

1. Orlando, FL (visited 2006, 2008, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) – One of my favorite Florida cities.   This is the city I have probably been to more than any other city (other than where I live).  There is nothing too special about the city itself but there are so many fun activities to do while in town.  We’ve been to DisneyWorld a ton of times (starting in 2006).  We’ve more recently added in Universal Studios on our visits.  All that, plus my daughter lives there (since 2016) so there is that.

2. Cape San Blas, FL (visited 2000 – 2005) – One of my favorite Florida cities.   I’m not even sure this is a city (pretty sure it isn’t) but it is still a favorite ‘place’.  I describe it as ‘that little finger that sticks off the bottom of the panhandle’.  We spent a ton of time there when the kids were growing up.  Deserted, beautiful, white sand beaches on one side and a saltwater bay on the other side.  30+ minute drive to the nearest restaurant.  My kind of place.

3. Crystal River, FL (visited 1999) – I got open water scuba certified here in the winter of 1999 (with a friend from work).  We went to see the manatees and the caves around Crystal River.

4. Vero Beach, FL (visited 2006 – 2019) – We visit my in-laws (Mimi and Pops) here often.  It is not too crowded on the coastal island and there are plenty of places to eat.  You can ride bikes for miles on a sidewalk off the main roadway.  Plus, if you are lucky and about to have a great meal at the fantastic Ocean Grill you might see the final Space Shuttle launch ever!

5. Winter Park, FL (visited 2019) – If you are in Orlando and don’t want anything touristy this is the place.  No beach, few tourists, just nice walks, an old boat tour, and good places to eat.

6. Boca Grande, FL (visited 2015) – This is a pretty laid-back little town with a nice little greenway through it for a slow bike ride.

7. St. Augustine, FL (visited 2013) – I think this is one of the oldest towns in Florida.  It is interesting for sure.  We spent an afternoon walking around the main area and enjoying lunch and the interesting old buildings.

8. Fort Pierce, FL (visited 2006 – 2019) – Sister city to Vero.  There isn’t really much to do here but it is the end destination from my Vero Beach bike rides and has a nice little park (a State Park) on the Fort Pierce Inlet. 

9. Cocoa Beach, FL (visited 2006) – This is an old school Florida town and a surfer area.  When Pops was looking for his house in Vero we visited here with him one time.  We ate at a very old school Florida restaurant that reminded me of the 1970s (in a good way).

10. St Petersburg/Tampa Bay FL (visited ????) – We flew out of there one time and spent a day in both. It was nice, we’ll probably go back and spend more time here at some point.

11. Destin, FL/Miramar Beach, FL (visited 2009, 2013) – They have beaches…nice beaches too.  But it is a little too built up and crowded for this skinny/fat, pale person.

12. Pensacola, FL (visited 2013) – Pretty cool aircraft museum here!

13. Panama City Beach, FL (visited 1992) – Not really my scene.  Too crowded. Too touristy.  But one family trip during Spring Break with Mom, Dad, and my sister has provided our family numerous laughs over the years.

14. Stuart, FL (visited 1996) – High rises!  Boo!  Emily’s grandparents used to live here. I didn’t explore too much we were busy chasing babies.


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