I restored my John Deere 1938 Model A antique tractor (on steel wheels) that my grandfather gave me when I was back in high school.  It took me working on it off and on for over 20 years.  I finally realized I was in way over my head and enlisted the professionals.  Regardless, an antique tractor restoration for the ages!  Literally!  I think the restoration turned out great!  This is a video about my journey with the old John Deere and my grandfather, Pipa.  I also talk about growing up at antique tractor shows, antique tractor pulls, Tennessee / Kentucky Thresherman Show, wheat threshing, mini rod tractor pulls, antique tractor plow days. 

My grandfather was cooler than your grandfather!  I didn’t get the tractor finished in time for him to see it.  As we come up on Father’s Day it is nice to have the tractor finished up and to be able to reflect on all the good times with my grandfather.  I think I’ll go out and drive it around on Sunday.  Maybe Granny and Pipa will be able to look down and see it!  Thanks Carl Brown Walling!


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