I’ve listed all my vehicles on my site. Houses?!? Vehicles?!? Sure, you sit in them.  Right?!?  We at least trade them like vehicles in our family.  With a growing family quickly outgrowing and wearing out cars we didn’t just trade cars a lot we also moved a lot.


  1. Apartment – The Lakes Of Bellevue, Nashville TN – 1995 – Emily and I moved out of the dorms of Belmont and into our first apartment together and welcomed young Preston home soon after.  We were off on our great adventure!
  2. Rental House – Big Ben Court, Franklin TN – 1995 – My college friend’s parents had a house ready to rent out.  We had a kid now so why not get a house too?!?  We even worked out an option to buy it!  But we didn’t…
  3. 5th Avenue East, Springfield TN – 1997 – We moved back to Springfield for our first house.  It was a 100-year-old house that had been completely remodeled.  We loved it.  It was even right down the street from my childhood home…and my childhood parents!  Emmaline and Molly joined us here.  We were living the American Dream (even had a white fence).  We loved the house, but the location wore on us over time.  It was too far from where we needed to be all the time.
  4. Cherry Plum Court, Nashville TN – 1999 – I was working in Nashville and the commute to and from Springfield was sending me over the edge.  One morning on the little two-lane road to the interstate some jerk was driving slowly and had traffic backed up forever.  This happened often.  When we finally made it to the interstate’s on-ramp and onto the interstate I whipped into the fast lane and sped onward.  I pulled up beside the slowpoke and was preparing to give him some mono-digital communication.  It was my grandfather; I turned my hand quickly into a wave!  So, road rage was a thing in my life.  This was a sign, however, so I came home and told Emily that we needed to pack it up!  We were moving to Nashville.  No more commute.  We fixed that problem!  We literally moved into a neighborhood in the same neighborhood as my office.  I walked to work.  It only took a few minutes to get there (on foot).  I was still using the same backpack that I had in college at the time.  One day as I was walking to work this little old lady was walking her little toy dog.  She looked at me and yelled, “Have a good day at school young man!”.  I was 27 and a Vice President at my up and coming technology startup company?!?  Later that night Emily and I got carded to go see a rated R movie.  We stayed here for a few years until Max started heading our way.  We also got locked in a battle with the dreaded homeowner’s association over a swing set installation.  We needed a big yard to let these wild animals roam.  Let the children have a swing set you old, retired, lawyer guy!
  5. Wayland Drive, Nashville TN – 2001 – We needed a yard, a big one.  You know what kind of houses have big yards?  Ranch houses!  We had said we’d never own minivans.  We did…lots of them.  We had said we would never own an old ranch house.  We did…now!  We loved it.  Wide-open spaces inside and out.  We spent most of our family’s lives in that house.  We had some good times in that old stack of twigs and rocks!  It was an old house, so it needed constant love and attention inside and out.  When the house started emptying with kids moving out to go to college, we had too much house.  I had grown tired of the American Dream.  I wanted nothing to do with it anymore.  Again, I came home one night and told Emily to pack it up because we were gone!  The house was obviously a garbage pit because as soon as we moved out, the new owner bulldozed it into the earth.  Don’t be envious of our situation!  Ha!
  6. Todd Pries Drive, Nashville TN – 2018 – Our newest adventure involves a condo that is a couple of houses down the street from where Emily grew up as a child.  I like it because I don’t have to do anything!  NOTHIN’!  No mowing…no weed pulling…no leaf raking…Nothing!  My diabolical master plan with the condo is to use all the extra free time to leave it all alone for weekends (and weeks) at a time!  Time to see all this spinning rock!


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