I have an old tractor…what to do?!? I have some of my grandfather’s old coveralls…what to do?!? We have an RV I pay to store in town….what to do?!? Emily has an old Bronco…what to do?!? Let’s become farmers!

Well…we are not going to be farmers yet. We have kids in school and both have jobs in town. We live in a condo…but that doesn’t feel like where we are supposed to end up.

From time to time over the past few years, I looked around for “a place” to live when I “grow up”. A place to live out my days on this earth. It ebbs and flows…I get excited about something and then talk myself out of it. This time, however, I found a big metal building. I’m going to move my wife in there forever. She is super excited! She actually is…but in a different way than I am.

We are going to try our hand at farming on a small scale (only 11 acres). DeanoFarms?!? We are going to call it Red Ryder Farm…because it looks like a Red Ryder bb gun.

I love projects and don’t have a good one right now…hmmm!?? I’ve always been semi-interested in ‘farm’ life. But I’m currently a city slicker.

Then I discovered regenerative agriculture and I’ve convinced myself that my not knowing a darn thing about farming might be my biggest asset. I’m currently soaking up knowledge at a rapid clip. I’ve decided I’m basically going to earn the equivalent of a master’s degree in ‘farming’. I’ve already done 80+ hours of learning. I’m excited about figuring it out.

For now, we have a master plan that is measured in years (water management, fencing, pasture management, grading, clearing, building, remodeling, etc.). In between work, some RV travel, and everyday life we are going to be out on our farm doing projects. Over the next several years we’ll knock things off our list and learn many things that we don’t currently know (probably the hard way at times). Sounds like fun for this man!

We’ll also just sit around and watch the grass grow and the sun come and go each day. Come visit us!

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