We went to Austin, TX for a Deadmau5 concert (that my wife didn’t want to go to at all). To make it up to her I tried to show her a good time exploring Austin outdoors.  Austin, TX is a fun city and reminds me a little of Nashville (where we live).  We like Nashville because it has great outside spaces (and so does Austin). 

We were totally surprised at how much we liked the city.  I’ve been to 115 cities in the US and Austin is now planted at #5 on my favorite cities of all-time list.  https://deanorolls.com/travel/deanos-favorite-cities-and-states/

Austin is a big city with a thriving downtown area that has great outdoor activities.  We spent two hot days here in September of 2019.  We visited a very cool state park, McKinney Falls, while there and saw some otherworldly rock formations carved out by the waterfalls.  We saw some man-made creations as well at Graffiti Park on Castle Hill.  We were there during bat season which is a big thing.  We waited for a couple of hours on the Congress Street Bat Bridge but they never took off (too windy).  We hiked 10 miles one day while there and never left downtown (but felt very out in nature almost the entire time).  Halfway through our hike, we swam in a spring-fed swimming pool (Barton Springs Pool at Zilker Park).  It was the perfect way to cool off before hiking back.  We also hit 6th Avenue during a street rally for a perfect cheeseburger before our concert which was fun.  Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World.  We saw the best concert I’ve ever seen, Deadmau5, while there at the Moody Theater (where Austin City Limits is filmed).

We only had a short trip and I bet we missed all kinds of stuff!  Have you been to Austin?  What did we miss?  We’ll be going back so let us know!


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