Deano’s Top Games Ever

  1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007) – The greatest video game of all time!  No question!  Hands down winner!  When it released again as a remastered version in November 2016 (with Infinite Warfare…ugh) it was still the best game ever.  It was so much fun to play it again (and with better graphics)!  There is no telling how many hours of my life have been spent on this game.
  2. Clash of Clans (2012) – The perfect game on the perfect platform for a busy Dad (and uncoordinated one) who wants to play a game but can’t sit in front of a console all the time to do it.  I’ve played this game for years and have chatted with great people who I have never met in real life from the Clan I run.  This game was extremely popular (downloaded over 500 million times) at one point and is less so now.  It does still have around a million people playing it actively (and I’m one).
  3. Call of Duty: WWII (2017) – I love World War 2 history and really was excited about the return of the series to 1) World War 2 roots, and 2) no more jumping/boosting/flying crap.  I was so excited I even joined the pre-release beta.  I wasn’t disappointed with the campaign or with multiplayer.  It felt like the old days of Call of Duty (remember Call of Duty 3) except with major graphics/audio improvements.  This is the game I wanted Call of Duty 3 to be.  I’ve spent more time playing this game on the PlayStation 4 than any other on that console.
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