STRANGER DANGER?!? I was told not to meet people from internet chat windows in real life because they might try to hurt me. This one turned out to be a really cool dude, however. I play Clash of Clans (a VERY IMPORTANT phone game). I’ve (gamertag: DeanoRolls) been in a clan with Jason (gamertag: LankyLefty) for about 6 years. Jason is a famous YouTuber (youtube: TheLankyLefty27 55k subscribers) and we’ve seen each other in each other’s videos. We’ve never met in real life, however. He recently visited NashVegas and he took some time away from family to meet up with me. Since he is a famous YouTuber I was fanboying! Luckily “To Catch A Predator” never showed up for our visit.


Snappy’s Electric Jams

Published by deanorolls

Well, if I told you that you wouldn't need to go to my would you?!?!

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