Reading Progress

Series I’ve Read

As a kid, I had always just bought comics but had never read them.  When I restarted collecting, I spent most of my time at $1 comic book sales searching through long boxes for issues I needed to complete runs.  Then I’d have to bag/board them and update the spreadsheet…rinse repeat.  I must have them all!  All that (for 5,000ish comics) takes a great deal of time.

Somewhere along the way (around 2013) as I was filling in holes (ie adding numerous boxes to my collection) I decided to actually start reading my comic books.  Weird thought…I know?!?!  What better time to START reading comic books than when you are over 40 years old!?!?

  • Marvel Saga (Year 1985-1987 / Issues #1-25)
  • Marvel Comics Presents (Year 1988-1995 / Issues #1-175)
  • West Coast Avengers (Limited Series) (Year 1984 / Issues #1-4)
  • West Coast Avengers (Year 1985-1994 / Issues #1-102 + Tie-Ins)
  • Uncanny X-Men (Year 1963-2011 / Issues #1-544) – IN PROCESS
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