My Antique John Deere Tractor

1938 John Deere Model A

This is a video about the restoration (and my grandfather).

I restored my John Deere 1938 Model A antique tractor (on steel wheels) that my grandfather, Pipa, gave me when I was back in high school (in the mid 90’s). It took me working on it off and on for over 20 years. I finally realized I was in way over my head and enlisted the professionals. Regardless, an antique tractor restoration for the ages! Literally! I think the restoration turned out great!

I didn’t get the tractor finished in time for him to see it. Maybe Granny and Pipa will be able to look down and see it! Thanks Carl Brown Walling!

There is a video about my journey with the old John Deere and my grandfather, Pipa. I also talk about growing up at antique tractor shows, antique tractor pulls, Tennessee / Kentucky Thresherman Show, wheat threshing, mini rod tractor pulls, antique tractor plow days. My grandfather was cooler than your grandfather! If you like old tractors I think you’d like it. I’d love you to watch it when you have time!

I finished the restoration up in mid-2020. This is a link to my original blog post about the restoration.

In late 2020 I went to my first tractor show in years:

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