West Coast Avengers (Limited Series) (Year 1984 / Issues #1-4)

I had the second series of West Coast Avengers but had not read the prior limited series.  The OCD completionist in me would not allow me to read the latter without reading the former.  This is my cross to bear!  This 4 issue miniseries was all about Hawkeye forming a new group of Avengers that would run on the west coast (helping out the old Avengers group who’d cover the east coast).

West Coast Avengers (Year 1985-1994 / Issues #1-102 + Tie-Ins)

I originally bought my first issue of West Coast Avengers from the Kroger grocery store comic turnstile.  It was issue #2.  My friend Dan read The Avengers comic book so I had heard of them.  There were around 250 issues of that series.  I was about to get in on the ground floor of a brand-new series with issue #2.  I’d be worth millions!  MILLIONS!!!  I collected issues growing up but not all of them.  When I rebooted my “comic career” in my 40s I found it easy to complete this series.  The issues I was missing were not in high demand and easily found (or expensive).  None of the issues were really in demand (they were not worth millions).  It seems that I would not be made a millionaire by the West Coast Avengers.  I read the whole series (with all the tie-ins).  It wasn’t horrible.

One of my favorite storylines was Lost In Space (issues 17-23). It was surprisingly good and not what I would have expected if you told me the B team Avengers would time travel back to the old west.  It was very well done.

There were other times in the series that it was just awful.  When Tigra (a founding member) left with no explanation.  They got rid of the hot girl, she just disappeared never to show up again?!? When the “Great Lake Avengers” showed up (issue 46) that was just dumb.  When the Composite Avenger (?!?) showed up (issue 30) we got what was arguably the dumbest character ever and easily the worst cover in the series (and maybe ever, in any comic).  Then towards the end, you had the constant bickering between US Agent and Hawkeye.  US Agent GTFOH…and take fake Iron Man (founding member) with you!

But those were just a few times.  The majority were decent stories that were fun to read.  I’m not the biggest Avengers fanboy anyway.  I like the way the movies were done.  But the comics and most of the characters aren’t amongst my favorites.  So, the B team Avengers have more of a place in my heart from a strict nostalgia point of view than my love of the series/characters.

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  1. I followed this one from the beginning and stopped collecting just before it finished (probably one or two issues shy of a complete collection–no spoilers but I think one of the characters died ….but I found that out much later.
    I liked the Avengers and I had high hopes for this one….but sometimes it was horrible. Whenever Al Milgrom was the artists, I knew the pictures were going to be beyond basic.


    1. My friends made fun of me. They were like dude you have 5000 comic books and you chose to read West Coast Avengers?!? Touche. The curse of a completionist I guess. It was one of the first series I collected, so I had a soft spot for it. Not as much after reading it. HA!

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