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Original Investment Thesis (11/2019):  I started using these in my portfolio in late 2019 after much thought (see write up below). I continue to move towards the new strategy where I weight my stock portfolio to match the 25-year average weighting of the S&P 500 sector weightings. I’m making this transition over several months (because I’m not near where I need to be and don’t want to do anything too drastic too quickly). I am using the Fidelity Sector ETFs to facilitate this strategy (along with some individual stocks). I’m using the Fidelity ETFs because they are low expense, low turnover, cover all capitalizations, and are pretty tax efficient. These will be a long term holdings.

Fidelity MSCI Sector Index ETFs

$FREL Real Estate
$FUTY Utilities
$FMAT Materials
$FCOM Communication Services
$FENY Energy
$FSTA Consumer Staples
$FIDU Industrials
$FDIS Consumer Discretionary
$FHLC Health Care
$FNCL Financials
$FTEC Information Technology

Why Did I Start Using These?

Well after tracking my investments for a couple of years and doing lots of reading and thinking I wound up with this (see post below). The more I manage my portfolio with these the more I think that I should stop buying individual stocks completely (too much work and too much risks that NO ONE can know about). Regardless of how I wind up using them alongside other assets in my portfolio this explains how I use these ETFs and intend to use them going forward.

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