After spending a day in Bryce Canyon National Park, we found a trail that looked interesting.  So, we hiked it.  We are sure glad we did!!!  The Navajo Loop Trail wound up being the highlight of our day in the park.  It was a short hike and not terribly difficult. What made it rank so high for us was the terrain. It was beautiful every way you looked (see video).

2.6 miles, 623 feet elevation gain. Emily and I really liked Bryce Canyon the landscape is very interesting. We didn’t really intend to hike at all the day we were there. We started at the back of the park and had hit all the stops back to the entrance. We ended up the day in the main amphitheater near Sunset Point (around sunset). As we were looking at the view, we noticed a trail that went down into the canyon. We decided we’d do it. Quick gear change and we were headed down the path. This hike was so freaking cool. Everywhere you looked there was something beautiful to look at. I probably took more pictures per step on this hike than any hike I’ve ever been on. We were so glad we did it. It was not a super long hike, but it did have some pretty intense elevation drop/gain and the trail was very cool as you snaked down into the canyon (and then back up). We did it in the late afternoon around sunset and I think that is probably the best time to do it. It was not as hot as it could have been and the sunset/shadows on everything made for great photo-taking opportunities. Emily said it was the best hike she’d ever been on. From a sheer scenic standpoint, I’d have to agree. The only reason it is not higher on my list is it was a little on the short side to make it truly epic. We could have done a few other trails that connected to the one we were on. This could have been super fun and might have moved this hike up the all-time epic list. Regardless, for a hike that we didn’t even set out to do it was a total surprise and we are so glad we did it.

I try to keep a list of some of the best hikes I’ve ever done in my life. The Navajo Loop Trail was spectacular and currently sits at #3 on my top hikes of all time. The current full list is HERE.

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