We took our 5th RV trip to Cedars of Lebanon State Park in September.  We hiked almost all the trails in this state park (6 trails in 2 days).  There are so many things to see along the way.  There are caves, sinkholes, rock formations, and more cedar trees growing in the thin, rocky soil than anywhere!

We hiked:

  • Hidden Springs Trail (4.2 miles) – The longest trail in the park and also the one with the least ‘stuff to look at to step ratio’.
  • Cedar Forest Trail (1.8 miles) – This was my favorite trail.  So many great rock formations.  But asphalt beginning?!? Ugh!
  • Limestone Sinks Trail (.4 miles) – Shortest trail with tons of sinkhole formations.  Very high ‘stuff to step ratio’ here.
  • Cedar Glade Trail (.6 miles) – Nice add on trail, but nothing to write home about.
  • Dixon Merritt Trail (.7 miles) – ditto.

We didn’t hike (or partially hiked):

  • Cedar Run Trail (part of the 2.1 miles) – We abandoned this trail due to chigger risks…long story.  But we did explore Jackson Cave, Hermit Cave, and the nature center while here.  All very interesting.  You can even go into Jackson Cave (although we didn’t).
  • Vesta Glade Trail – We looked for it but abandoned our search.  It is in another area completely.


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