My grandparents were instrumental role models in my life. They put family first at all times. They worked hard and also worked hard at having fun. My grandmother would take hours of video with her VHS camera. Perhaps this is where I got my desire to document my journey. There seemed to be nothing my grandfather could not do when he set his mind to it. I think of him often whenever I try something new that I have no business trying. I try to live up to things I learned from these two each day. They were just normal people with the flaws that any of us have. But to me, they were not ordinary at all. They were perfect and they made my life better.

I made my grandfather a video about 5 years ago so he would know how thankful I was for his influence on my life. Granny passed in 2010 and Pipa passed in 2018. I’ve not shared this video before but I feel like this Thanksgiving season is the perfect time to share it and to reflect on the impact Granny and Pipa had on my life. If you knew them I hope you’ll watch it and that it will bring back good memories of two wonderful folks!

The video is kind of long (46 minutes) but it actually worked out that is exactly how many years I got to spend with them?!? I didn’t plan this, it was simply the will of the universe sending a sign! One minute for each year I spent with them!

Carl Brown Walling, Jr. (1928-2018) – This slideshow (below) includes some pictures we put together for Pipa’s funeral in 2018.

From his obituary: Mr. Walling was born January 21, 1928 in Robertson County to the late Carl Brown and Margaret Williams Walling, Sr. Mr. Walling was a farmer and worked at the Springfield Woolen Mill doing loom maintenance, as well as several construction companies on projects including Briley Parkway, the golf course at Warner Park and the Colonial Pipeline in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama until he started his own company, C B Walling Co. He laid the majority of the water lines in Robertson County as a subcontractor for the City of Springfield. Mr. Walling was a member of New Chapel United Methodist Church and a former member of the Coopertown Ruritan Club. He was also a member of the Robertson County Antique Tractor Pullers Association and Western Kentucky Antique Power Association competing and winning trophies into his mid-eighties, earning the name of “Ole Man”. He enjoyed camping, fishing, sitting around a campfire, pulling pranks and sharing his life with his children and grandchildren, as well as, collecting, restoring, and pulling antique tractors.

Rebecca “Peggie” Walling (Teasley) (1929-2010) – This slideshow (below) includes some pictures we put together for Granny’s funeral in 2010.

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