• If the currency that your wealth is stored in is being debased by inflation how does that help you?
  • Who decides what the inflation/debasement rate is?
  • How do they benefit from this decision?
  • Why does the currency have to be debased at all?

If you are not thinking about this topic and its impact on you…I think you should be! Most do not, even though none of it is complicated. Common sense is your friend!

“The path that leads to truth is littered with the bodies of the ignorant.” – Miyamoto Musashi

I believe debasement/inflation is theft of your time (which is theft of your lifeforce). YIKES! You run harder and harder on the treadmill only to be rewarded with needing to continue to run even harder (or make do with less).

Many times, we don’t feel inflation/debasement because it slowly accumulates over time. But if you add up the slow trickle it has a huge impact. Has anyone seen the Grand Canyon carved out by slow-moving water over centuries? By the way, inflation isn’t moving that slowly!

If the game is rigged it can only be replaced by one based on truth and freedom. I believe it is rigged. I bet you probably agree.

CPI, the official inflation number, tells us inflation was 8.5% over the last year. That is high. $1.00 a year ago is now worth $.85. But how is it even that low? Energy is up 32%, food up +9%, new cars +13% (assuming you can even find one), used cars +35%, and houses/rent (everyone’s largest expense) are up +19%. It doesn’t add up. Truth? Freedom? It doesn’t sound like it! You need to run 8.5% harder on the treadmill to keep up with the pace you were at a year ago. Do this a few years in a row and see what happens.

That’s just inflation.  Don’t even get me going about artificially low-interest rates, massive money printing (bailouts, QE, stimulus, etc.), and taxes. Short answer…all manipulated (nice version) or rigged (cynical version).

When enough people realize the game is rigged and opt out of it…the game is over!

What if there was a new system where no one has control over your wealth?

“…by the people…for the people…”

What if a system already exists that does not allow for any debasement of your wealth?

  • Truth – Pristine digital collateral that can move freely across space and time on an immutable, decentralized ledger.
  • Freedom – A system that is unencumbered by the “faith and credit” of any government or corporation (or the people leading them).

When enough people start asking/answering these important questions what will happen? More and more people are each day…  More and more people will…

I’m personally not going to allow my life force to be drained away. I’m increasingly opting out of the rigged system. This is not without risks. Debasement, however, is a certainty. So, I’ll take my chances!

What are you doing about all of this?

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