Family rafting trip! Some had been rafting before and some had not. No one except Emily had been on the Ocoee before. Tennessee has a couple of whitewater rafting rivers. One of them, the Ocoee River, has to be the best in the state. We did the Upper and the Middle Ocoee for a full day of rafting. It. Was. So. Fun. Everyone in our boat agreed it was the best rafting trip they’d ever experienced. I caught myself watching the video while editing with a big grin as I remembered the trip. We used the Ocoee Rafting company in Ducktown TN. We had two of the best raft guides I’ve ever had (Jake and Seabolt) for our two boats. We ended the day as a harmonious, loving family with “water balloon war” and “mutant volleyball” by the campfire. If you get the chance…Raft. The. Ocoee.

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Well, if I told you that you wouldn't need to go to my would you?!?!

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