I spent the winter months ‘nerding out’ learning about backpacking. I’ve always thought it would be interesting to head out man vs. trail. I’ve never done it, however. For me, part of the fun in most things is in the planning. Ultralight, backcountry, backpacking provides plenty of opportunity for that. Researching, making checklists, taking measurements, planning supplies and routes, testing all of the above, etc. This is like nerd nirvana! Then on top of all that I get to hike too?!? The only drawbacks I see so far are the potential to starve, freeze, get lost, injured/maimed, bitten, or eaten alive. Other than all that (?!?)…an inexperienced, nerd wandering around out in the wild alone should go well!

My base weight equipment (which weighs in at 14.3 pounds) includes:

  • Backpack – Osprey – Exos 48 (20-40 pounds / about 5 days max)
  • Tent – Nemo – Dragonfly 2 Person
  • Footprint – Nemo – Dragonfly 2 Person
  • Quilt – Zefabak 500 (says rated for comfort down to 24F)
  • Sleep Pad – Sleepingo
  • Jetboil – Flash
  • Jetboil – Fuel (1 small can) + Lighter + Paper towels
  • Pillow – Trekology – ALUFT 2.0
  • Sleeping Bag Liner
  • Spork – Titanium
  • Water – Katadyn BeFree 1.0L Water Filter
  • @$$ Pad – Camping Foam Pad Waterproof XPE Foam Seat
  • Combat Wipes Active Outdoor Wet Wipes
  • Toilet trowel
  • Toilet paper (1/2 roll unrolled or more if needed) in a Ziploc
  • Kleenex (10 pack or more if needed)
  • Ziploc for packing trash out
  • Headlamp – Nathan Nebula Fire – 16/80/160/192 lumens (rechargeable)
  • GoPro & 3 Way Handle
  • Camp Shoes – Crocs
  • Camp Clothes – (Sweat pants / long sleeve shirt / Something different from the hiking apparel)

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