We kicked off the 2021 RV season with a visit to spectacular Fall Creek Falls State Park. I was positive no Dean child would ever come with us on a trip but Max proved me wrong (on our 8th trip). He and Arden joined us over Spring Break. I planned a full day of hiking so we could see all the high points. Everyone executed the plan and we saw it all. We were tired and hungry at the end of this very fun day.

We hiked:

Paw Paw Trail (2.5 miles / moderate) – We shortened this to just see the 3 overlooks. Starts at Nature Center (has 3 overlooks). Will see Cane Creek Falls and Rockhouse Falls (shares pool), Cane Creek Cascades and suspension bridge on this hike.

Cable Trail (.1 miles / moderate) – Off the first .15 miles of the Paw Paw Trail. There is a strenuous cable trail down to the Cascades Roadhouse at the base of Rockhouse Falls (you can swim in this pool).

Gorge Overlook and Woodlands Trail (2.9 miles / Moderate) – Starts back at Nature Center. Woodland is .75 miles / Overlook is .65 miles and has 3 overlooks (Cane Creek Overlook, Cane Creek Gorge Overlook, Rocky Point Overlook)

Base of the Falls Trail (.35 miles / moderate) – Takes you to the bottom of Fall Creek Falls and underneath the overlook.

We saw:

Cane Creek Falls – an 85-foot plunge waterfall located along Cane Creek, above the creek’s confluence with Rockhouse Creek and Fall Creek. The waterfall is visible from the Gorge Trail and from the base of the Cane Creek Gorge, which can be accessed via the Cable Trail.

Rockhouse Falls – a 125-foot plunge waterfall that marks Rockhouse Creek’s confluence with Cane Creek. The waterfall, which shares a plunge pool with Cane Creek Falls, is visible from the Gorge Trail and from the base of the Cane Creek Gorge.

Cane Creek Cascades – a 45-foot cascade located along Cane Creek, just above Cane Creek Falls. The suspension bridge is above this waterfall.

Fall Creek Falls – a 256-foot plunge waterfall located just west of the creek’s confluence with Cane Creek. A short trail leads from the parking lot atop the plateau down to the base of the gorge, giving access to the waterfall’s plunge pool.

Coon Creek Falls – a 250-foot plunge waterfall that drops into the Fall Creek Gorge. It is the little waterfall right next to the larger Fall Creek Falls.

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