The Fiery Gizzard Trail up to Raven’s Point is one of Tennessee’s finest hikes. I also think it is one of the harder ones. The trail is part of the South Cumberland State Park, near Tracy City, TN. I have hiked part of this trail before with my friend back in 2015. I remembered, from that experience, that it was a grueling hike. Emily and I set out to do it together on a recent beautiful Tennessee fall afternoon. It had rained the evening before so the waterfalls were flowing very nicely. We didn’t hike the entire Fiery Gizzard Trail all the way to Foster Falls. We did the Grundy County Day Loop up to Raven’s Point and then looped back on the Dog Hole Trail. 8+ hours later we were done. We were definitely tired. This hike is one you feel like you ‘conquer’ rather than just ‘finish’. I filmed a lot that day because there was a lot of beauty to take in. Definitely one of my favorite ground pounds of all time!

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